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Liza’s manager says hot young actress stays focused, positive

liza soberanoza

Comic man/talent manager Ogie Diaz never had it so good and rewarding as the manager of fresh and beautiful Liza Soberano.

“Hindi na po-problemahin ni Ogie how to market Liza because she is already made. She is not only very pretty but she can really act as well. Above all, she is young,” observes a veteran talent manager who had her share of disappointments handling talents.

Liza is hot property because of her loveteam with Enrique Gil. The success of their “Forevermore” teleserye is bound to be equalled by their current soap “Dolce Amore”

What makes Liza different from other talents Ogie has managed in the past?

Ogie sums up: She listens and she obeys. She is aware of her popularity but doesn’t allow it to go to her head. She knows the value of money at I always remind her that stardom is not forever.

Ogie shared a lesson he learned in managing talents.

“I used to put more weight on friendship at pakikisama. I know better now. I am more business-minded now.”