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GMA artists voice popular anime ‘Yo-kai’


Miggs Cuaderno, Mikoy Morales and Jillian Ward lend their voices to the hit anime series “Yo-kai Watch.”

The most popular anime series, which has been sweeping across Asia and has reached North America by storm, will have its Philippine Free TV debut on GMA Network on March 28.

The story follows an ordinary boy, Keita, who chanced upon a bizarre capsule machine while playing in the woods.

Expecting a toy inside, he opens one of the capsules and instead meets a spirit named Whisper.

After being freed from the capsule, Whisper gifts Keita a prized item known as the Yo-kai Watch, which effectively allows him to see and interact with spirits called Yo-kai.

Keita, then, together with his yo-kai cat Jibanyan and Whisper set off to meet several kinds of yo-kai whom they can befriend or even battle.

Join the “Yo-kai Watch” craze from Monday to Friday (8 a.m.), beginning March 28, after “Dragon Ball Z” only on GMA.