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Roxas looks forward to debate

The Liberal Party sees presidential debate as a time of enlightenment on who among the five presidential candidates is the most qualified to lead the country.

And for Akbayan Rep. Barry Gutierrez, LP spokesman for campaign, the first presidential debate, and the next one that will be held in Cebu this afternoon, will always be to the advantage of administration standard-bearer Mar Roxas.

“Every time Mar Roxas speaks, every time he answers the question, every time he faces with other candidates his advantage is getting clearer in terms of competence, in terms of clarity of plans and in terms of knowledge on other issues,” said Gutierrez.

“So we are always happy and excited for every opportunity that presidential debates give,” he added.

Earlier, Gutierrez attributed the rise in the survey of Roxas on his performance during the first presidential debate.

After the first interview in Cagayan de Oro City, almost all the candidates complained of a very short period of time of the debate period.

But this time, organizers of the second presidential debate vowed for more time and less commercial breaks.

Gutierrez said Roxas is always prepared for the debate, saying the LP standard bearer’s clear-cut platform of government and other plans on how to lead the country is what making him confident.

“We always see debate as an opportunity for our countrymen to see for themselves who among the candidates is the best and the most qualified to run the country,” said Gutierrez.