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Cherie Gil says Meryl Streep praises Susan Africa

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Kapamiya actress Cherie Gil has revealed that Hollywood star Meryl Streep was so impressed with Susan Africa in the eight-hour epic film “Ang Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis” that would finally be shown in local theaters starting March 26.

Appearing in “Tonight With Boy Abunda” over ABS-CBN, Gil said that she was all praises for Africa whom she considers an underrated but a very good actor.

“This is one thing I want to share with you and everyone else here. Susan Africa touched my heart. Guys you have to look out for this because she has two amazing scenes. I was talking to Meryl Streep and she said to Susan, ‘There you are! How wonderful to see you in person,’ “ said Gil.

“Ngeee! Sabi ko Susan that’s my moment eh,” said Gil, as she laughed and referred to her moment with Streep.

“I was so happy for Susan. She has always been underrated and she has done something fantastic in this film that I cried when I watched her. I knew that moment sabi ko magugustuhan ito ni Ate Meryl itong eksenang ito. And she did!

Nawala ‘yung moment ko with Meryl kasi hindi ako gumapang sa putik,” Gil also said.

Gil, who also appears in the prime time series “Dolce Amore,” has said that she was starstruck the moment she saw Streep, who was the head juror for the 2016 Berlin Film Festival.

“After the awards night, there was the typical photo op on stage and all 15 of us were seated in the hall. We were the biggest group. Lav (Diaz) kept calling us to go on stage and this is not planned.”

“In fact, we were the last to go up. Sabi ko this is the only chance I can get close to Meryl. So I dragged John Lloyd and I escorted him on stage. I was dumbfounded. I was starstruck I glorify and I idolize the woman. I just told her I adore you. She’s very graceful. I hugged her and I kissed her,” Gil said.

Gil also said that she was very comfortable at the ultimate kontrabida label in local cinema. “I’ve come to terms with that. At least I remain relevant.”

She became the most sought-after kontrabida following her impressive performance in the 1985 hit movie “Bituing Walang Ningning” opposite Sharon Cuneta. In that film, Gil delivered the popular line “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard, copycat!”

“When I look at it and sabi ko na lang ‘yun pa rin? Hindi ko na binibilang kung ilang taon na ‘yan. Don’t say decades, let’s just say years. My God! Some of you were not even born yet. Aminin n’yo na!” Gil said.

Despite her success in showbiz, Gil said that she has considered quitting on several occasions.

“Maraming beses na. Di ba I’d call you and say ‘can you help me out here?’ So many times and you’ve been there for me. Last year, I took a hiatus. I was gone for six months I think. I visited family. That was after my brother’s death. That was quite a difficult year,” Gil recalled.

“I was fine. This time I really made an effort to connect with my family. I visited them in the States. I was kinda needing a recharge and I needed to find the love within to be with family and explore other venues just to connect until you realized and you say hey it’s time to pay your bills. You have to get back to the real life. Acting is my bread and butter,” she said.

Gil, 52, considered a blessing to be in showbiz for quite sometime now.

“This is such a blessing. Ang dami-daming taong nahihirapan maghanap ng trabaho. Our job is not easy also but it pays off and we’re given the opportunity to inspire, we’re given the opportunity to be admired and touch lives, get dressed which I really love. This is my lifeline,” she said.

Gil also describes fellow actor Angel Aquino a great person. Aquino has earlier said that Gil was her idol when it comes to playing kontrabida role.

“I cried when I heard that. I was touched. I told her can you just marry me? She’s a great actress and a great person,” she added.