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Bongbong’s rise worries Leni

Liberal Party vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo is getting deeply concerned about the rising popularity of Senator Bongbong Marcos who is now leading the race for the second highest post of the land in the latest Pulse Asia survey.

The concern, according to Robredo, is not much on Marcos beating them but the negative implications of the victory.

“I’m concerned, and there is really fear. But I’m not scared because it’s Senator Marcos, my fear is the non-recognition of the wrongdoings in the past,” said Robredo.

Robredo has been very critical of Marcos, her attack is focused on the latter’s refusal to apologize for the reported plunder and massive human rights violations during the Martial Law period.

Robredo’s concern is also shared by President Aquino and other victims of Martial Law who attributed the rise of Marcos on the historical revisionism which states that the time of Ferdinand Marcos is the golden years of Philippine history.

“If there is no recognition of the wrongdoings in the past, there is a strong possibility that it would be repeated,” said Robredo.

Robredo explained that he is not condemning Marcos over the Martial Law plunder and the human rights violations but the fact that the senator was no longer a small child during the Martial Law years indicates that his rival had a knowledge of the wrongdoings of his father.

  • Matt

    sus desperate leni .. no platforms to show a newbie … bat ngaun k lng umaatake … its been alost half of your life dpat noon ka pa nagsasalita … lol bobo!

  • True-North

    Marcos parin