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Drunk painter dies of electrocution

A drunk painter died a day after he accidentally embraced the live wire of an electrical appliance that he destroyed after running amuck inside his house in Quezon City Thursday, police said yesterday.

Investigators revealed that Mario Centeno, 36, was awakened by his son’s noise who was hopping around his bedroom while he was asleep at 11 a.m. inside their house in Barangay Holy Spirit.

Initial investigation showed that Centeno, who was still not sober, got irked with his son, prompting him to destroy some of their appliances and throw their things.

Centeno’s wife, Cely, said they argued over it before Centeno turned his ire on their room’s wall and electric fan. Investigators said Centeno wrecked the wall and smashed the electric fan on it.

After a while, Cely noticed that the noise had gone and a burning smell was all over the room.

She went to check and found out that her husband was sitting while embracing a live wire on his chest.

Police said Centeno was immediately brought to the East Avenue Medical Center but he expired on Friday at 9:20 p.m. due to electrocution. (Betheena Kae Unite)