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Romualdos deny Duterte’s claim of harrassment

Camiguin Rep. Xavier Jesus Romualdo yesterday lashed out at Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and his handlers over allegations of harassment in his province.

Romualdo said Duterte’s camp resorted to lies following a low turnout of supporters during their recent rally.

“I am disappointed and dismayed that Mayor Duterte and his camp resorted to spreading lies and smearing our names to excuse their poorly arranged, poorly organized, and poorly attended rally in Mambajao, Camiguin on March 23,” said Romualdo.

Duterte had claimed that the Romualdos threatened local residents who would agree to lend electric supply for the lighting and sound system during the rally.

The Duterte camp immediately blamed the Liberal Party for the alleged harassment.

Romualdos chided Duterte supporters for accusing him as a political world and raising his alleged involvement in the pork barrel scam.

“I thought that Mayor Duterte and the people in his camp were real men,” said Romualdo. “It turns out that they are just a bunch of liars, wimps, and whiners,” he added.

Camiguin Gov. Jurdin Jesus Romualdo said the Duterte camp came unprepared for the campaign in the province.

“The truth is that the organizers of the Duterte rally were incompetent and lazy. They originally did not want to apply for permission to use the venue they wanted in Mambajao. It was only after they were informed that a permit is required that they very belatedly filed their application,” said Romualdo.

After realizing that it takes time to get a permit, Romualdo said the camp of Duterte chose the Freedom Park instead in Mambajao town to which a permit was immediately given.

Since the Freedom Park does not have an electricity connection, the organizers were asked if they required assistance in getting electricity for their rally. The organizers replied that they would bring their own generator,” said Romualdo.

“Hence, there is absolutely no truth to the claim that electricity to the venue was cut. There is no electricity there in the first place. The organizers knew this beforehand and that is why they arranged a generator for their rally,” he added.

“With regard to the Duterte camp’s claim that their supporters who were bound for Camiguin in the Port of Balingoan, Misamis Oriental, were forced ‘to the back of the line,’ the reports we received were that Duterte supporters wanted to cut ahead of the line of other passengers and vehicles,” said Romualdo.

“They were naturally told by the port authorities to observe the line. It would seem that Mayor Duterte’s hakot supporters do not know how to follow basic rules,” he added.

  • Adam_68

    Proof came direct from your brother sir and those in attendance so I don’t believe you.

  • TrueChange

    asus… kamag anak mo na nga nagsalita dyan… nag sisinungaling ka pa rin..
    binaligtad mo pa….

    Du30 for President para magwakas na mga politikong tulad mo…

  • Kath Kidston


    A member of the political clan of Romualdos in Camiguin has confirmed the harassment made by his family against the supporters of presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte during a campaign sortie in their island province Wednesday, March 23.

    Noordin Efigenio Romualdo, brother of Gov. Jurdin Jesus, said in an interview that his brother purposely cut off the power supply in the grandstand where Duterte was supposed to speak before his supporters.

    He said that his family also conducted medical missions in five towns of the province to prevent the people from going to Mambajao to attend the rally of Duterte.

    The political harassment however failed after 3,000-5,000 Camiguiños flocked to the Duterte rally in Mambajao upon the arrival of the mayor around two in the afternoon.

    In his speech, Duterte blasted the ruling family in Camiguin Province, saying their “feudal” rule over the island has hampered its development and impoverished the people.

    Duterte said the Romualdo clan have lorded it over Camiguin for too long.

    “And you know when that happens, the feudal lords begin to think they own the place and the people,” he said.

    He said even his rally was subjected to the kind of “warlordism” that has plagued the province.

    “Baho na nga style (That style stinks),” he said.

    Despite the threats and harassment which prevented residents from converging at the Plaza until Duterte arrived in the island, the crowd eventually gathered at makeshift stage hastily built by organizers.

    The Duterte camp was earlier denied permit to use the town plaza stage.

    When news broke that the local government refused to give rally permit, Duterte national campaign manager Mayor Leoncio Evasco of Maribojc, Bohol said the rally must go on as scheduled no matter what.

    Organizers also bewailed underhanded tactics reportedly employed by the Romualdos who reportedly ordered the provider of the sound system to cancel its booking for the Duterte rally.

    The organizers had to rent a sound system from across the island in Cagayan de Oro City.

    During the rally, which started only when the Davao City mayor arrived, Duterte reminded the Romualdos that political rallies are protected by the Constitution and that they could get in trouble for trying to stop yesterday’s rally.

    “The people need to hear the candidates so that they can make the right choice,” he said.

    Duterte said he himself does not require a permit for any rally in Davao City and that the organizers only need to tell the police where it would be held.

    Duterte also hit the Romualdos for their politics of convenience, saying they have been changing parties through the years depending on who is in power.

    Baby Romualdo is running for governor of Camiguin. She is the wife of JJ Romualdo who is the mayor of Mambajao.

    Seeking re-election for the lone district of Camiguin is Rep. XJ Romualdo, brother of JJ.

    XJ replaced his then re-electionist father who died in April 2013.

    Another Romualdo, Dan-Dan is running as provincial board member.

    The Romualdos are members of the Liberal Party although sources said they are supporting presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe. The presidential bet of the Liberal party is Mar Roxas.

    The Romualdos have virtually built a dynasty in Camiguin over the last 2 decades.

    Duterte urged residents in Camiguin to bring down the Romualdos from power.

    He said the time has come for the people to reject feudalism and embrace real change.

    It was learned that it is the first time for Camiguin to be visited by a presidential candidate.

    Camiguin has only about 58,000 registered voters.