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Manny Pacquiao gets tips from younger brother

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LOS ANGELES – In the past, Bobby Pacquiao was hardly spotted giving his big brother Manny instructions during training and was often seen dining at the famed Thai eatery adjacent to the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood.

But as Manny begins the final countdown to next week’s clash with Tim Bradley in Las Vegas, Bobby has been frequenting the sweat shop on Vine Street not only to watch Freddie Roach handle the workouts but also provide some pointers.

On a few occasions Thursday, Bobby called out his famous sibling, telling him how Tim Bradley, who faces Pacquiao for the third time on April 9 in Las Vegas, throws his pet right hand.

While it is Freddie Roach who calls the shots, Manny doesn’t fail to acknowledge his brother’s presence whenever he tells him something in this particular training camp.

“This is how he is going to throw the right,” said Bobby, assuming a stance similar to that of Bradley’s.

“And you should do this,” said Bobby, raising both hands and displaying how to avoid the punch and how to counter it as well.

Over at Roach’s spot, the mid-mannered trainer quietly watched the training, not reacting to what Bobby was saying, probably because he saw that he and Bobby had the same thing in mind.