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Ina hits chain-smoking veteran actress

Ina RaymundoFormer Sabado Night Girl Ina Raymundo has revealed that she was pissed off with a veteran actress who was smoking hard on the set recently.

But the star of the afternoon show “The Millionaire’s Wife” aired daily over GMA-7 refused to identify the veteran actress.

“Hindi ko sasabihin kung sino, pero na-off lang ako doon sa veteran actress na yun kasiyosi sya nang yosi. Eh, nasa isang room kami na walangbintana, can you imagine? Tapos may mga bata pa at 10 kami sa room ha,” said Raymundo, in Star Cinema’s twitter.

Raymundo, 37, is married to Canadian-Ukranian businessman Brian Poturnak. They have five children.

The actress has admitted in interviews that she was really conscious about health.

Raymundo told CNN Philippines that she avoids (food with) too much sugar and carbohydrates and exercises a lot. “I eat lots of protein and drink lots of water.”

“I can only have two servings of fruits per meal. So ‘yung two nayan equivalent sa one apple. Hindi pwede ‘yung kunyari isang bowl ng papaya or watermelon. One cup langgood na ‘yun for two servings sa lunch or dinner,” she said.

“Health is wealth. Aanhin mo ang yaman mo kung lagi kang may sakit,” added Raymundo, who became conscious about diet when she was pregnant with her first child.