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New laser technology addresses problem with snoring

VIcki Belo

DO you have problem with snoring?

There is good news once again from the Belo Medical Group (BMG) with the advent of their brand new laser technology called Nightlase. This non-invasive, patient-friendly treatment is designed specifically to relieve you of this age-old problem commonly affecting couples. Nightlase helps increase the quality of the patient’s sleep and improves breathing as well as reduce snoring caused by the blockage of airways when we sleep.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vicki Belo, tagged as Doctor-to-the-Stars, who takes pride in pioneering the most practical laser treatments in the Philippines, says Nightlase is an intra-oral procedure that uses a gentle laser light called Er:YAG to heat the tissues inside the mouth and stimulate collagen production. The collagen aids in the tightening of the tissues which leads to the opening of the airway, lessening snoring and decreasing the occurrence of shallow breaths while sleeping.

She says, “The improvement in breathing while you sleep ensures that oxygen levels inside your body are adequate. Nightlase is a really good news to all wives out there. Upon treatment, their men will be assured of reduced fatigue due to light sleeping that always happens when our airways are blocked and lessen also the risk of associated health complications.”