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Roxas vows cash gifts for valedictorians

As a continuation of the support system particularly for the beneficiaries of the Conditional Cash Transfer, Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas vowed to shell out P100,000 for each of the high school student who will graduate as valedictorian in public schools if elected.

But not only the valedictorian will be given financial aid according to Roxas; he said all the graduating high school students in public schools who will land on the top 10 percent will also receive P10,000 each education grant.

“This is to help our best and brightest among our high school graduates. With the financial assistance, they can now pursue the courses they want in any college or university because the government will be there for them,” said Roxas.

The P100,000 financial assistance for the valedictorians and R10,000 for the top 10 percent graduating class will be given to the beneficiaries every year.

“This is not a mere campaign promise, I have already calculated this. I know how much will be spent for this and I know where I will I get that from the budget,” said Roxas. (Aaron Recuenco)