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Pres. Roxas honored in Anthony Castelo’s upcoming music video

Anthony Castelo

The Philippine’s 5th President, Manuel A. Roxas and the nation will be honored in singer-composer Anthony Castelo’s upcoming music video entitled “Manuel Roxas, A Prophesy Fulfilled” dedicated to the closing of the State of Israel’s Thank you, Philippines celebration on May 4, 2016, Israel’s 68th National Day.

“It will be recalled that on November 29, 1947, it was the Philippines with Roxas as sitting President plus two other countries, that provided the swingvote that paved the way for the establishment of the State of Israel in the United Nations under U.N. Resolution 181, also known as The Partition of Palestine in fulfillment of Biblical prophesy of thousands of years ago”, Castelo explained.

“Under extreme pressure from two opposing camps, those for and against Israel, Roxas decided to go God’s way. With this important act and crucial role in helping seal the establishment and birth of the ‘Promise Land’, I believe Roxas and the Philippines have found favor in God’s eyes”, Castelo stressed, citing God’s promise to His original chosen people in Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse, and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you”

Castelo also believes that there’s a spiritual umbilical cord between the Philippines and Israel. And that God has a clear promise to those like Roxas and the Philippines who have been obedient to Him – that these blessings extend to families, communities and nations, continuing from generation to generation. President Manuel A. Roxas is the father of former Senator Gerry Roxas and grandfather of Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II.

With Castelo’s popular recording and composition, “Dakilang Lahi” as music bed, the singer and his production team will attempt to recapture this dramatic period in world history using photos and films from the 1940’s to complete the music-video produced by Dakilang Lahi Foundation headed by Castelo himself.