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Pia’s very thin frame worries fans


Fans of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach are concerned about her health, saying that the beauty queen is looking thinner than ever before.

One photo of Wurtzbach posted on Instagram recently has raised concerns about her well-being among her fans.

The picture showed her raising the hands of the plus-size contestant for the 2016 Miss Peru beauty contest where she was invited as one of the judges. Her thin frame has received negative remarks from social media fans.

“Lutang ang ganda mo pag medyo may laman ang pisngi mo. Kagaya nung pics mo ng swimsuits sa BBP. Maalindog ka dun, ngayon hindi ka malusog tingnan, kain ka naman ng Twinkies minsan, hehe don’t be scared,” said a follower on Instagram.

(You’re beautiful if your cheeks are fuller. Like those swimsuit pictures in Miss Philippines. You don’t look healthy at all now. Try to eat some Twinkies).

Another IG follower said: “Sobrang hapis na ng pisngi at mukha mo.” (Your cheeks and face are thinner).

“Of course, we know she’s healthy and toned. But she is too thin (bony) compared to what she looks like before. I’m not negatively bashing her – we love our MU & that’s why we care about how she looks overall. I’m not sure if you have seen pics of her before she got this too thin – wish we can post on here so u can see what I’m talking about,” another follower said.

“I agree with you … She looks thinner and thinner and it doesn’t look healthy. Please do take this feedback as a positive one – we love u that is all and we care,” a follower replied.

“Ang payat mo na! Eat a little more baka mag collapse ka sa dami mong commitment,” another concerned fan commented.

Some followers, however, have defended the beauty queen’s slim figure.

“I understand. Enable for her to look good on screen and proportional, her body has to adapt the needs to loosen some weight. But clearly she’s healthy, shes happy and she can roam like a carabao,” another follower said.

“No she’s not getting thinner. She’s been doing routines to tone her muscles and firming all areas. She’s totally healthy,” a follower reacted.

After her third homecoming to the Philippines last April 14, Wurtzbach traveled to Peru, her first trip to Latin America.

“No matter the location, no matter which country I’m visiting, each place has something beautiful and unique. I hope to travel to as many different places as possible to see everything this Earth has to offer,” said Wurtzbach on IG.

Aside from crowning Miss Peru 2016, the Filipino-German beauty queen also met with Lima City Mayor Luis Castaneda, who honored her with the “Distinguished Guest of Lima” citation.

Wurtzbach also had lunch with beauty queens of Peru, including Miss Peru 2015 Laura Spoya.

Reports said that the reigning Miss Universe is expected to come back to Manila sometime in May for another event.