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‘Nadine is just what I need’ – James

James and Nadine

Amid all the bashing for being a wild party boy, heartthrob James Reid has said that his girlfriend Nadine Lustre is just what he needs.

“I do love to party and I know where the bad things come from. But maybe Nadine is just what I need. Can you hate for something I want that’s good?” asked Reid, during an interview in “Tonight With Boy Abunda” aired over ABS-CBN.

The Filipino-Australian actor also defended himself from negative comments that he is still friends with his former girlfriends.

“We’re okay. I mean there’s no bad blood or anything. We’re civil. But I couldn’t say that I hang out with them or anything,” the actor said.

Reid said that he does not care about bashing anymore.

“Actually with that incident she actually approached Nadine because they still talk such as asking for help and Nadine tweeted the fans and appealed to them to stop the hate. So for me, there’s not much you can do about it. When it comes to bashers, I never give a second thought to it,” the teen superstar said.

“It doesn’t really get to me. I really can’t please everyone,” Reid added.

Asked if he has always been sweet to his girlfriend, Reid believes so. “I hope so. I think so.”

But Reid explained that he requested that the footage of their picnic in Paris, France, which was supposed to be part of the “JaDine Flying High” special shown on television recently, be deleted because he wanted that moment private.

“I planned the picnic by the fountain. We’ve been so busy so I wanted to find time to just have a little of getaway ti,e. So that time in ‘JaDine Flying High’ special that was cut out because I wanted that moment to be private,” Reid said.

Reid and Lustre, whose love team is popularly known as JaDine, will soon be seen in a new film called “This Time.”

Reid, 27, said that his sacrifices for Lustre, 22, is worth it.

“She’s worth it. I think the most important is the way you say things and what you actually say. It’s more of the emotion and the feeling. We know each other for more than two years now,” he added.