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Maghanda ng kodigo – Comelec

With only a few days left before the May 9 polls, the Commission on Elections advised voters to prepare their “kodigo” or list of preferred candidates.

“Before Election Day, you should already prepare a list containing the names of candidates that you are voting for,” Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista said in a press briefing.

The poll chief said having a list will help speed up the process of voting and avoid long queues in polling precincts.

Bautista also urged voters to familiarize themselves with the process of voting. “If a voter is familiar with the process somehow it will be faster,” he said.

He also advised voters to check their voting centers and precinct numbers ahead of the polls. “Know your precinct.

In the school, know where it is located,” said Bautista.

In the voter education materials of the Comelec, the first step in voting is to know where you will vote.

The next step is to line up in your precincts; provide the Board of Election Inspectors your name and precinct.

Third is to ask for the ballot, folder, and markers before going to the voting area. Fourth step is to feed the ballot into the vote counting machine.

Fifth step is to allow themselves to be applied with indelible ink in their right forefinger nail and ask their voters receipt from the BEI. The final step is to drop the voter receipt in the designated receptacles. (Leslie Ann G. Aquino