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Be wise in voting

In four days, the Filipino people will again flock to polling centers to elect national and local leaders of their choosing.

Need I remind everybody that voting is not only a right but a duty that should not be missed by all patriotic citizens of a democratic society?

Election time unifies the rich and poor, educated and unlettered, and allows them to participate in shaping the destiny of the country.

Truth to tell, we should be thankful for the chance to partake in elections which is considered a privilege in other parts of the world.

But every Filipino should be responsible enough to study the politicians, and not just believe and accept every promise or sweet talk made.

Check the background of the candidates, especially the ones running for president, if they made good with their previous stint in government.

Has he been involved in any anomaly? Can he be the type of leader that can make our people proud? Is he the best option for the job or will he jeopardize the country, its economy and our people? Will his victory be for the greater good of the citizenry?

Bear in mind that public trust is a golden opportunity that should not be wasted on a candidate who is totally undeserving to lead the country.

* * *

Preparing a list of preferred candidates will make the voting process a lot shorter, thereby avoiding long queues in polling precincts.

In the step-by-step guidelines set by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), citizens are advised to first know the polling place and number of the precinct where they will vote.

Second is to advance and line up in their precincts and give their names and precinct number to the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI).

Next is for them to ask for the ballot, folder, and markers before proceeding to the voting area.

Fourth step is to approach the vote counting machine and feed it the ballot.

The fifth sees indelible ink being put on the nail of their right forefinger and their request for the voter’s receipt from the BEI.

To conclude the process, they would drop the voter’s receipt into the assigned container.

And again, Firing Line is advising the voting public to be very wise in choosing candidates. The fate of your locality and the whole country depends on this.

* * *

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