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Aquino reaches out to successor

With the emergence of the victor in the presidential elections, the transfer of power will begin very soon.

President Aquino has finally reached out to his successor, Rodrigo Duterte, and pledged a “smoothest transition possible” to the next administration.

The President has contacted the camp of Duterte and informed them that Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa would be assigned to lead the team that will ensure the transition would proceed without glitches.

“I talked to Mr. Bong Go yesterday (last Tuesday) to relay to Mayor Duterte that an Administrative Order (AO) is being drafted designating the Executive Secretary as head of the transition team,” Aquino said in a statement.

“I further offered that the Cabinet stands ready to brief his team on any and all of their concerns. Lastly we are committed to effecting the smoothest transition possible,” Aquino added.

Duterte, the 71-year-old candidate known his profanity-laced speeches, is the presumptive winner of the presidential elections with more than 15 million votes cast based on partial and unofficial count.

The country’s next president, who has promised to kill criminals and rewrite the Constitution to shift to federal system of government, will formally assume office on June 30. An inauguration ceremony of the new leader will be held that day.