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‘It was his destiny to become president’

It is Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte’s destiny to be president of the Philippines based on physiognomy or the systematic art of face reading, a Feng Shui expert said yesterday.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte“Rodrigo Duterte has Yang Fire which means that he will rise and give warmth to everyone. Politics and show business are Fire element jobs that is why he fits. But he needs Water element to balance his life because he is a strong Fire person. Too much Fire is not good while lacking in Water element is also not good. It has to be balance,” said Master Hanz Cua in an exclusive interview in Mandaluyong City.

Physiognomy or face-reading is the supposed art of judging character from facial characteristics. It originated in China when it was used by doctors to diagnose health or forthcoming illness. Face-reading later spread to neighboring countries such as Japan, India, and Korea.

Even Greek philosopher Aristotle and Greek physician Hippocrates found face-reading useful. The practice later became popular in Europe around 1200s and then in the US. It was reported that President Abraham Lincoln used face-reading in selecting members of his Cabinet in 1861.

Cua analyzed some of the facial features of the incoming president Duterte that led to his interpretation of his destiny.

“Our next president has big nose. It signifies that he is a good leader. People with big nose are good leaders. They have strong character. They are risk-takers and full of courage,” said Cua. “Pag sinabi nila, gagawin nila.”

Cua said that bosses in the corporate world have big nose. “Sila ‘yung mga may malalaking ilong.”

Another prominent feature of Duterte is his chameleon eyebrows. “People with thin eyebrows know how to mingle with different kinds of people. Magaling silang makisama. They know how to adjust with others and with various cultures,” Cua said.

People with wide forehead are usually intelligent and knowledgeable, he explained. “The lines on Duterte’s forehead show that he worked hard when he was younger and determined to achieve his goals,” said Cua, who also does forecasts based on astrology and numerology.

The Feng Shui expert also said that those with wide forehead are interested in history and do research about anything.

The eyes of Duterte are brownish, Cua said. “It signifies endurance. They have lots of energy and they think fast. Hindi sila mabilis sumuko sa pagod.” Duterte has small eyes which means he is a perfectionist and meticulous. “They observe a lot before they make major decisions,” Cua added.

Duterte, 71, also possesses big ears. “He has long and big ears. This signifies long life and good health. He has Buddha’s ears which mean prosperity,” Cua said. “Believe it or not, maganda ang hinaharap ng Pilipinas dahil sa Buddha ears niya.”

The chin of Duterte is square-shaped. “These are the type of people who do not give up easily. They will fall but they will rise,” he said.

Cua forecast that the Philippine economy under Duterte’s administration is expected to be rosy. “Nakikita ko sa face niya na magiging maganda ang economy ng Philippines once na mag-umpisa na siya,” added Cua, who appears in the ABS-CBN daily morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

Duterte will hold office in Malacanang starting July 1, one day after taking his oath of office.

Born on March 28, 1945, Duterte’s animal sign in Feng Shui is Wood Rooster. Rooster people are tender, multi-talented, fond of cracking jokes during a tense atmosphere, and a family person.

They are also conservative, practical, talkative, frank and honest. Their lucky colors are brown, gold, and yellow while lucky numbers are 5, 7, and 8.

Duterte’s numerology number is 8, according to Cua. “It means he knows how to handle power and authority. He draws strength from an inspiration. His numerology number is very politics. He is workaholic and overly ambitious. He is good at commanding people,” Cua added.

“The year 2016 is potentially an incredible year for the Rooster in the Year of the Monkey,” said popular feng shui expert Lilian Too, in the book “Fortune and Feng Shui” 2016 edition.

“The Rooster has the luck of three big auspicious stars in its west sector. This is brought by the 24 Mountains into the Rooster’s nest, so many things go right for the Rooster who is confident and very self-assured,” according to the annual 12-book forecast which started to be sold in many parts of the world in December 2015.