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Louise credits good acting to physical pain


JUST A THOUGHT: Commit everything you to the Lord. Trust Him to help you do and he will. Psalm37:5

* * *

MASAKIT TO THE BONE: She wants to be a lawyer, but at the moment actress Louise de los Reyes delights in being hit in the face, kicked and physically thrown around on the set of her new drama series.

All for the love of acting and a good performance, she explained.

Louise told the media during the launch of her new series, Magkaibang Mundo, that she does get hurt, bruised and all, as she goes through heavy, physically demanding scenes in her role as an oppressed kid. She takes it all in stride, although it is her mother who feels the pain for her.

* * *

HIT PA MORE: At the end of every shooting day, Louise goes home with scratches and red marks on different parts of her body. Her muscles ache.

She finds it hard to rise from bed the next morning. It feels as if she had been beaten black and blue.

Louise says everything’s all right with her. She loves her job. She won’t exchange it for any other.

She takes no offense at co-actors Gina Alajar and Isabelle de Leon who attack her at every turn. Asked by the two villains after every scene how she felt, Louise would say she’s fine, thank you. A real trouper.

* * *

LOVE BETWEEN DWARF AND HUMAN: Beginning May 23, the intriguing story of Magkaibang Mundo unfolds on GMA Afternoon Prime.

This series revolves around a unique friendship between a human (Louise) and a dwarf (Juancho Trivino) that blossoms into everlasting love.

Joining Louise and Juancho are Assunta de Rossi, Dion Ignacio, Rez Cortez, Gina Alajar.

Magkaibang Mundo is under the helm of Mark Sicat Dela Cruz, who debuts as TV director here.

The new series airs from Monday to Friday, beginning May 23 after Eat Bulaga on GMA Afternoon Prime.