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Nestle launches Wellnessize with Luis Manzano on YouTube

Nestlé Philippines, through the Nestlé Club, has launched a campaign that enables homemakers to take small, easy steps to start a life of Wellness.

The Nestlé Club calls the campaign Wellnessize, which comes from the word wellness, defined as the state of being well. To get to that state, an individual must take action through Wellnessize, or taking small, easy steps towards Wellness.

The Wellnessize campaign was launched via Nestlé Club’s GoodLiving Webisodes, with TV host Luis Manzano as the dapper host.

“Wellness is a big goal, but you can get there in small, easy steps. Dito sa Nestlé Club, that’s what we call Wellnessize,” said Luis as he introduced the fourth season of the GoodLiving Webisodes.

Research into the behavior of homemakers who are members of Nestlé Club reveals that most of them have the inclination to search for classic recipes that Filipinos love.Research also shows that more and more homemakers are realizing the importance of being healthy.

“Our homemakers are aware, but not equipped,” explained Au Alipao, Head of Nestlé Corporate Communication & Consumer Engagement Services.