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Influx of lawyers to PNP seen

The Philippine National Police (PNP) sees the influx of lawyers applying in the organization if incoming President Rodrigo Duterte would fulfill his promise of increasing the salary of policemen.

Supt. Lyra Valera, spokesman of the PNP-Legal Service, said the current entry level salary of the police lawyers is way beyond the starting salary of those in the private firms.

The entry level salary of lawyer entering the police service is from P22,000 to P23,000.

“With the higher compensation for policemen lawyers we will be able to attract more fresh graduates or even ’yung mga lawyers na seasoned na to come join into the service and serve the philippine national police also,” said Valera.

Earlier, Duterte vowed to increase the salary of policemen – either with at least P50,000 base pay to P100,000. There are more than 160,000 policemen across the country.

Duterte reasoned out that raising the salary of policemen will make them shun engaging from illegal activities.

The 160,000 uniformed personnel is still not enough to fill the international standard of one policeman for every 500 people.

On the part of the PNP Legal Service, Valera said the 93 pool of lawyers are not enough to attend to the cases being filed against policemen in the performance of their duty.

“The current pool of lawyers are not enough to answer all the motions for reconsideration and other court demands,” said Valera.

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