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Winwyn & Lotlot

Winwyn Marquez

UPDATING SHOWBIZ LINGO – Luz Valdez, Lucy Torres, Lucita Soriano, Lucila Lalu, Lota Delgado – meaning loser or “talo” – no longer “in”?

Ditto Winnie Santos (or Monsod and Cordero)?

So it seems… but must say that Luz Valdez is already “classic” – meaning here to stay in showbiz lingo. Which, as often emphasized, is more (or all) rhyme than reason.

The “in” words are Winwyn Marquez (winner) and Lotlot de Leon (loser). Very timely words as the last elections saw Winwyn and Lotlot from showbiz.

WINWYN & LOTLOT – Highspeed uses those words in reference to winners and losers.

The Ejercito and Estradas are both Winwyn and Lotlot last May 9.

Winwyn are Erap (Manila mayor), Guia (San Juan mayor), and Janella (vice mayor, also of SJ).

Lotlot are Janna (congresswoman of SJ), ER (Laguna governor), and Gary (Quezon vice governor).

The Revillas are Winwyn all the way: Lani (Bacoor mayor), Jolo (Cavite vice mayor), Strike (Bacoor congressman). Not to forget Junjun Ynares (Antipolo mayor), married to Andeng of the Revilla clan.

The mother of Winwyn Marquez, Alma Moreno, is Lotlot.

Also half-brother Jeremy. But then another half brother, Vandolph Quizon, is Winwyn.

Not one relative of Lotlot de Leon ran for a public position.

MODERN DICTIONARY – The “Time” issue with President-elect Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte on the cover carried a piece on modern dictionary.

New words and how are they pronounced:

Baeless (bey’les) – single; without a mate.

On fleck (own fleek) – on point; looking good.

Tookah (took’-uh) – marijuana; Mary Jane; weed; pot.

Gainz (geynas) – weight gained through tough exercise.

Famo (fah’-moh) – family and friends.

Senpai (sen-phay’) – An older mentor.

Cosplay (kos’-pley) – Costumed role-playing.

(By the way, thanks to Ricky Lo of “Star” for the Time mag.)