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Love heals on GMA’s ‘Love Me, Heal Me’

GMA Heart of Asia offers another romantic comedy series that can prove how love heals.

In the primetime Koreanovela “Love Me, Heal Me,” Julian (Ji Sung) suffers a dissociative identity disorder and tries to suppress his other six personalities in order to keep his credibility as a businessman.

Secretly helping him is first year pyschiatry resident Regine (Hwang Jung Eum), whom despite his shifting personality falls in love with him. She will help Julian to keep up with his charade while she also tries to hide her true self.

Julian’s other identities include Ziggy, a temperamental guy who remembers all of Julian’s memories; Perry Park, a 40-year-old man who is fond of bombs and speaks with a distinct dialect; Joseph, an intelligent, artistic yet suicidal teenager who has an extrovert fangirl sister named Jonah. Jonah appears when Julian feels extreme emotional pain and stress. He also appears as Nana, a seven year-old girl who represents Julian’s fears. Lastly is mysterious Mr. X, whose secrets are key to their relationship.

Follow the story’s twists and turns every Mondays to Fridays after “Because of You” on GMA.