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May-December romance between Piolo, Dawn?

PIOLO Pascual

NOT REALLY – May-December romance in Star Cinema’s “Love Me Tomorrow”?

In the story, Dawn Zulueta is 50 and Piolo Pascual is 35. Which can pass for one, but more like it if the woman’s 50 and the man’s 25… or the other way around.

Dawn likes to call it August-December as a 15-year age gap isn’t that wide. Well, the truth is Dawn is not 50 yet, two or three years before turning Golden Girl. Piolo’s nearing 40.

But the lovely Dawn looks so young and so fresh that if one didn’t know her real age, she and Piolo can pass for simply lovers, sans the May-December tag.

“Love Me Tomorrow” is also a triangle romance and the third angle is Coleen Garcia, in her mid-20s.

OTHER LEADING MEN – Dawn’s glad that she’s paired with leading men other than Richard Gomez. Of course, her tandem with Richard is already tested since the ’80s. Yes, that long.

But Richard is taking a respite from acting as he wants to devote his attention to being mayor of Ormoc.

“I’m thrilled being paired with Papa P,” says Dawn. Papa P, in turn, is awed, intimidated. She wants to be paired with other leading men. John Lloyd Cruz next, perhaps?

WHAT HE SAW – My editor Nestor C jokingly asked Dawn what she saw when Papa P dropped his towel in the trailer of “Love Me Tomorrow.” She laughs. “For my eyes only.” To which Papa P blushes, “May takip.”

No big deal. Whatever, Dawn and Papa P looks exciting onscreen, as Highspeed earlier noted, the May-December theme notwithstanding.

By the way, also in the cast is ageless Carmi Martin.

‘DIREK POGI’ – The director is Gino Santos, only 26 years old, and good-looking enough to be Coleen Garcia’s leading man. The press promptly billed him “Direk Pogi.”

Gino has no acting aspiration. He’d rather be behind the camera.

Gino directed Coleen’s first two films, the indie “Y” and the moneymaker “Ex with Benefits” opposite Derek Ramsay.