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Never say never to gay romance

FROM SONG TO FILM – “Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako,” started as a song, written by Joven Tan, and sung by Michael Pangilinan, an entry to the 2014 “Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs.” It tells of a gay man who falls in love with his best friend. The song was so well received that it’s now a movie, written and directed by Joven himself.

Michael PangilinanThe film version of “Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako” stars Edgar Allan Guzman as the gay and the object of his secret love is played by Michael in his very first big screen appearance.

Nora Aunor, the Superstar no less, plays a very special role in the film.

Also in the cast: Joross Gamboa, Matt Evans, Ana Capri, Nikko Seagal, Miggy Campbell, and Katrina Legaspi as Michael’s secret girlfriend.

Yes, there are so many secrets and revelations in “Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako,” supported by LGBT community, promising to watch film when it opens June 8.

Released by Viva and jointly produced by direk Joven, Jobert Sucaldito (Michael’s manager), Fred Sibug, Carlo Sario, Jr., and Capt. Ernie Moya.

NEVER SAY NEVER – Needless to say, Michael and Edgar Allan are straight as an arrow. But is there a ghost of chance they might end up having a romantic relationship with a gay?

Well, the actors say they have lots of gay friends, who they admire and respect. Fun to be with. Their managers are gays, to whom they are forever grateful, “Parang tatay namin.”

So is there that ghost of a chance…?

After much thought, Michael and Edgar Allan say, “Kung mangyayari… di namin alam.” Never say never.

So there.