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‘A Father’s Story’

Jinggoy Estradajinggoy

LAUGHTER AND TEARS – While “Tatay Kong Sexy” is comedy, lots of funny scenes, it has a serious undertone, a father’s unconditional love for his children.

Playing the father is Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, with three children portrayed by Empress Shuck, Jolo Estrada, and Maliksi Morales.

A widower, Jinggoy falls in love with a younger woman, Maja Salvador, to the dismay of the three kids.

It’ll be recalled that Jinggoy won a best actor award for a father role in “Katas ng Saudi,” shown years back. And that he merited very good reviews in another father role in “Magkaibigan,” which also starred his best friend, the late Rudy Fernandez.

OFFSCREEN DAD – Jinggoy is father to four children offscreen, one of whom, Jolo, is cast in “Tatay Kong Sexy.”

Another son, Julian, also appears every now and then onscreen.

Jolo and Julian are already in college, taking up business courses in a prestigious private school.

The eldest is Janella, vice mayor-elect of San Juan City.

The youngest, Jill, is in grade school.

Jinggoy regrets that he can’t be with the side of his children. But then his wife, the former Precy Vitug, takes good care of the children.

WHY ‘SEXY’ – The “sexy” tag in “Tatay Kong Sexy” is an afterthought. In a senate hearing, Jinggoy was called “sexy” by a witness in the pork issue.

“May as well make use of it,” Jinggoy laughed and so “A Father’s Story” or simply “Tatay” became “Tatay Kong Sexy.”

Also in the cast: Bayani Agbayani, Dominic Roque, Beauty Gonzales, and Tirso Cruz III, incidentally also Jinggoy’s bosom buddy.

Directed by Joey Reyes, who also megged “Katas ng Saudi” and “Magkaibigan.”