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Aljur likes being a homing pigeon

HOMING PIGEON: Like a homing pigeon, Aljur Abrenica says it feels good to be working again, surrounded by familiar faces, many of whom have been close to him.

The once inactive actor has just landed another lead role in a new GMA series, “Once Again,” after two years of estrangement over an issue that he’d rather not talk about any longer.

The series’ title may well speak of Aljur’s renewed relationship with the network that discovered and nurtured him.

“I have learned from my mistakes” is all he can say now.

Aljur’s happy that all’s well between himself and GMA. He’s hoping network shall entrust him with more projects in the future.

He also considers himself too lucky on this comeback of his. “I did not just get a good storyline, I also end up with a very beautiful leading lady,” he said.

“Once Again’s” female lead is the very lovely, classy lady, Janine Gutierrez.

* * *

REINCARNATED LOVE: “Once Again” is a GMA original series anchored on true, everlasting love. Its theme:


The series tells the story of two people who fall in love despite their different social classes. Rich girl, poor boy. You know that storyline.

Lovers die. Twenty years later, they return and meet again under different circumstances. They’re still in love with each other.

Joining the new series, which started airing May 2, are Sheryl Cruz, Jean Garcia, Chanda Romero, Joko Diaz, Emilio Garcia, Timmy Cruz, Thea Tolentino, and Jeric Gonzales.

Playing special roles are Christopher de Leon, Bembol Roco, Irma Adlawan, Sharmaine Arnaiz.

“Once Again” airs after “Poor Señorita” on GMA Telebabad.