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Yasay, Panelo, Piñol, Dureza have good plans

The newly-elected President Rodrigo R. Duterte has almost finished selecting his power-house cabinet. Notable among them are Perfecto Yasay, Sal Panelo, Manny Piñol, Jess Dureza, Bebot Bello.

Prof. Yasay, a visionary leader and respected expert on international law, is an excellent choice to run the Department of Foreign Affairs. Already, Yasay has plan to resume bilateral talks with China to settle our territorial disputes, at the same time, check on the legality of a possible fishery agreement.

Yasay, who enjoys an excellent records in public service, believes that there is no other way to settle our disputes with China, except by talking to each other in accordance with the established protocols.

Indeed, talks with China is necessary and in accord with the effective implementation of the arbitral ruling. Yasay stressed that he wanted to know the implications of the ruling and how we can enforce, citing China’s refusal to be party to the arbitration case. He also wants to know how the arbitral ruling impact on the case.

* * *

Atty. Panelo, a trusted lawyer of Mayor Duterte, is an ideal choice for the post of press secretary. He possesses no bias in dealing with media. He subscribes to a belief that all media men, be it in big media networks or practicing in small media outfits. have the same journalistic responsibilities. Panelo is a regular member of the Sunday Club, a group articulate and independent-minded opinion and news makers.

Panelo plans to interface with the ranks and files of the community press and looks forward to the possibility of strengthening the vanguards of the Philippine press role in nation-building.

Sal, as he is affectionately called, with his advocacy and experience in broadcast journalism would like to engage the provincial press into the massive task of getting our people well informed, especially those residing in the rural communities. He thinks it’s just a matter of reconciling and coordinating the functions of small and big media organizations to be able to achieve the goals of the new administration.

* * *

Manny Pinol, an outstanding journalist and recipient of various awards in public service, is working to secure our country with abundant food supply. Manny, as secretary of agriculture believes that he can make the Philippines a food producer and exporter of agricultural products as secretary of agriculture.

* * *

Likewise, the country’s highly respected Mindanao-based journalist Jess Dureza is an excellent choice of President-elect Duterte. As main peace process negotiator, Jess and Bebot Bello III have marching order to start talking with Jose Ma. Sison. Since both enjoy the trust of Sison, President Duterte and the entire nation can look forward to an enduring peace with our brother Filipinos who are currently considered as rebels. (Johnny Dayang)