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NBP drug lords offer P10-M bounty for Digong & Bato

Convicted drug lords at the National Bilibid Prisons (NBP) are putting up a fight against the incoming administration’s vow to liquidate them one by one.

Chief Supt. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, incoming chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), disclosed yesterday that the convicted drug lords have recently met to map out measures on how to counter the threat of a massive crackdown on them.

“I received information that the other day, the drug lords there at the Bilibid met and they reportedly agreed to put P10 million bounty for me and mayor (incoming President Rodrigo Duterte),” said Dela Rosa.

The move was in reaction to the decision of Duterte to offer P5 million for each of the drug lords that would be arrested or killed, even enjoining the civilians to join the fray.

The fund that will be used as bounty for drug lords will come from the excess campaign funds of Duterte.
“So I will tell them to come on down, bring it on,” said Dela Rosa.

“If they could bribe policemen, prosecutors, judge and prison officials, this time, I don’t know if they could still do that,” he stressed.

Dela Rosa himself declared that his administration will be an all-out war against drug offenders, even vowing to run after policemen who are on the take from drug lords.

The official said they have already a list of policemen whom they suspect to be involved in illegal drugs based on the counter-intelligence of the PNP.

He said the campaign against the erring policemen will be his priority before he goes all out to run after drug lords.

Amid calls for Duterte to respect due process, Dela Rosa said he would prefer drug lords to be dead than being given the opportunity to live and go on with their illegal drugs activities.

The proof, he said, is the continuous operation of drug lords even if they are already convicted and detained at the NBP.

“The mayor said that they would get P5 million if they get the drug lords dead or alive. But they better be dead,” said Dela Rosa. (AARON B. RECUENCO)