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Pia excited about her new roommate

PIA Wurtzbach and Olivia Jordan

Reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach has said that she is excited to share her New York home with newly crowned Miss USA 2016 Lieutenant Deshauna Barber who is an Army officer from District of Columbia.

“I can’t wait to meet you and finally just chill and get to know you. Welcome to the family P.S. I secretly hope we have the same taste in music. As I tend to turn my speakers up. See you in a few hours as we fly back to New York to your new home! Congratulations! Well deserved!,” said Wurtzbach on Instagram.

Wurtzbach will now share her apartment with Barber, 26, who will take a break from Army Reserves to fulfill her duties as Miss USA 2016.

Barber is the first-ever military member to win Miss USA. She said that she had already discussed with her superiors the possibility of going inactive for several years in the Army. She will compete at the 2016 Miss Universe beauty pageant later this year.

Olivia Jordan
The Filipino-German beauty queen also wished her former roommate Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan all the best.

“Sincerely wishing you all the best. I mean it. And as Charlie Puth sang it during our time at Miss Universe.. I’m only one call away! Cheers to the one of the best miss USAs we’ve seen ever. Hearts for yes!!,” Wurtzbach said.

A day before the Miss USA 2016 contest, Wurtzbach recalled the first time she met Jordan at the Miss Universe 2015 contest in Las Vegas in December.

“Our very first photo together as candidates for Miss Universe. I’ll never forget seeing this tall stunning girl walk across the hallway as some of us wait for our turn to be interviewed;

“I introduced myself and even asked for a photo though I was terribly shy. When we finally chatted, it felt so good to talk to somebody who was just being herself;

“During Miss Universe, yes I had my friends, but I was quiet because I’m an overthinker (still am) and I was under a lot of pressure;

“But in that brief moment, Olivia made me feel like I could be Pia even just for a second, to relax my shoulders and breathe. And that’s the way it has always been for me since she became my roommate;

“Thank you @theoliviajordan for being so warm and welcoming. She really is a true representation of a Miss USA,” Wurtzbach said.

Jordan and Wurtzbach also met international pop superstar Jennifer Lopez who is on residency at Axis Theater in Planet Hollywood and Casino in Las Vegas.

“And of course what better way to cap off a successful reign with a celebration dancing to the tunes of JLo and having the pleasure to meet and talk to her!” Wurtzbach added.