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Aquino: Robredo can be president

President Aquino said he believes that Vice President-elect Leni Robredo has what it takes to become the future Philippine president.

Aquino does not seem to be bothered that Robredo has yet to have a Cabinet post in the incoming Duterte administration.

“She has a mandate. People look up to her, people are attracted by everything she embodies,” Aquino said in an interview broadcast online by the Rappler last Tuesday.

“If not now, then that leadership position in the future is something that we can all look forward to,” he said.

“When she said ‘may the best woman win,’ I guess that already shows,” he added.

Aquino said Robredo has the making of a leader – strong willed yet with a soft heart for the people.

“Anybody who has ever had a chance to interact with her really becomes amazed by how a strong character she has, but not brazen; how the sincerity is there, really grounded and down to earth, and of course, we share the same belief that at the end of day, it’s the people’s support or lack of it, that makes or breaks us,” Aquino said.

Earlier, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said he will prioritize giving Cabinet posts to those he personally know and trust.

Duterte had said it has never entered his mind to give Robredo a Cabinet post. (Madel S. Namit)