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Dela Rosa to convince 3 police generals to quit

Chief Supt. Ronald dela Rosa, incoming chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said he will personally talk to the three generals whom President-elect Rodrigo Duterte had earlier asked to resign for alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

This, as Dela Rosa himself acknowledged that they could not just kick out any policemen from the service as some legal process have to be observed which starts on investigation and eventual summary dismissal proceedings.

“We will exhaust all legal means. But I will personally ask them first to leave the organization,” said Dela Rosa.

He said he hopes that the three generals will heed Duterte’s warning.

“Maybe they would listen. I would just ask them to resign instead of them being humiliated or being hurt,” said Dela Rosa.

But if they still would not leave, Dela Rosa said they will exhaust all legal measures to boot the three generals out of the police service for the sake of the PNP organization.

He said lifestyle check would be one of the measures they would resort to in order to obtain the pieces of evidence against the three generals who are suspected of taking drug money.

Dela Rosa earlier vowed to run after policemen involved in illegal drugs, saying their estimate is that one percent of the 160,000 policemen are involved in illegal drugs.

Based on PNP statistics, a total of 91 policemen are charged in connection with illegal drugs, the highest ranking has a rank of superintendent (lieutenant colonel in the military).

The PNP leadership earlier revealed that it has no evidence so far to pin down whoever the generals Duterte is referring to. (AARON RECUENCO)

  • Peter

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