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Why are people negative

What if the business doesn’t work out? What if it fails?

What if nothing happens?

Why are my thoughts always negative? Why is it so hard for me to be positive?

Have you just had enough with negative people? Are you fed up with their endless rants?

Negative thoughts here, negative thoughts there. A lot of complaining over here, a lot more complaining over there.

Don’t you just wish you could knock them out?

They need to snap out of it. They need to wake up to the truth that not everything in the world is negative. They need to realize that they actually have the ability to change their mindset.

The sad news is that some people already know that they are being negative, but still they’re not making any effort to get out of the sea of negativity.

So why is it that there are negative people in the world?

A person’s outlook is greatly influenced by his environment. If, growing up, all a person ever hears is “No!”, “You can’t!”, and “Don’t!”, then this person will most likely have a negative outlook in life.

A person who experienced a lot of limitations as a child will never have the confidence to fully embrace life.

Another factor that affects one’s outlook is the people you spend time with.

If the people you’re with complain all the time, chances are, you yourself will complain about everything you see.

If the people you’re with are always angry, you will also easily get angry. If the people you’re with curse a lot, you will start cursing a lot too.

The point is this: Other people’s behavior is contagious. Therefore, you need to choose the kind of company that you keep. Choose to surround yourself with people who can influence you in a positive way.

When watching the news, reading the newspaper, or even just checking for trending topics online, what do you usually see? Eighteen-year-old girl, murdered. A public official faces corruption charges. A robbery in an elderly’s home. House, caught on fire.

While it is okay to be updated, people need to be conscious about what they feed their minds.

Basically, these are the factors why negative people exist. If you would notice, these factors are all external. The real problem begins when these negative, external factors begin to penetrate a person’s mind.

Having a positive mindset is a decision. Yes, we can make the decision to stop being negative right at this very moment. It’s not easy, but it’s also not impossible. We need the grace of God.

It takes total grace from God to fight against negative thinking. Only with God’s grace can we fulfill the decision to stop being negative, and start being positive.


What about you, what do you think are the factors causing you to have a negative mindset? What do you plan to do about it? (Chinkee Tan)