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Connect the dots

WERE you ever assigned a position which gave you more problems than compensation? Have you been in a relationship in which you showed fairness and loyalty, but the other party showed you the opposite? Have you experienced getting criticized even if you only did what was expected and appropriate?

These things happen even to the best of us – and even the best of us surely ask why such painful things are allowed to happen.

The story of Joseph who was sold by his jealous brothers as a slave comes to mind. Later, it turned out that God prepared Joseph so that he could save his family and the whole Egypt from famine.

Sometimes, we can’t see why we are allowed to experience different forms of suffering, but with the passing of time, somehow, we learn to appreciate them for the strength and the wisdom that they bring.

We learn to see the answers to our questions. We begin to connect the dots. We begin to understand why God allowed us to experience pains and hardships.

We also realize that even when we felt devastated, God actually provided a sort of cushion to lessen the impact. He has always been there, like parents who excitedly guide their children as they learn to walk.

Their eyes are always on the toddlers, ready to catch them if they will fall, ready to prod them to go on.

Are there unpleasant episodes in the drama of your life? Brace yourself. There will be more struggles as you go through life. You may not be able to see right away how they fit the bigger picture, but trust that God allowed them to prepare you for something.

Someday, you will be able to connect the dots and even if it does not happen, believe that like our earthly parents, our Heavenly Father will catch you if you’ll fall and prod you to go on.

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