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Aquino’s Times residence gets facelift

After living in a spacious residence in Manila for the past six years, President Aquino will have to adjust to a small yet newly renovated home in Quezon City.

The President said the old family house along Times Residence, Quezon City is undergoing renovation work in preparation for his return on June 30.

By remodelling the house, Aquino wanted to have a fresh start and avoid always feeling sentimental since the bungalow carries many sad memories since the passing of his parents the late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. and late President Corazon Aquino.

“Uuwi sa bahay namin. Ngingiti siguro na talagang physically literal medyo malaki na ang nabawas kong responsibilidad. Tapos masanay ulit tumira sa Times,” Aquino said in a recent media interview when asked about his post-presidency plans.

“Alam niyo parang nireremodel ng mga kapatid ko rin ‘tong bahay, at palagay kong maganda nga ’yun,” added Aquino, who currently resides at Bahay Pangarap across Malacañang.

If he would return to the Times residence in its old state, Aquino admitted he might only feel sentimental and lonely since every corner of the place constantly reminds him of his deceased parents.

Aquino said he remembers his mom and dad every time he sees the masters’ bedroom. “Pihit ako ng kaliwa mula don, dito binurol ang tatay ko. Pihit ako paganon, dining room namin, dito kami maraming pagtatalakay, pagmi-meeting na dinatnan,” he added.

He said even the old kitchen reminds him of his mother who often cooked sumptuous meals for the family. Outside, Aquino said the garden is full of plants that his mother took care of.

“Baka naman wala na akong ginawa dito kung hindi magsenti at mag-alaala. So inayos ng mga kapatid ko nga, tapos siyempe iorganize ko na naman,” he added.

When he’s back at home, Aquino said he plans to go various “comfort food places” in the area, including going on a burger run at Tropical Hut restaurant. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)