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KISS AND TELL – Showbiz character Keanna Reeves is, by no means, the first kiss- and-tell in showbiz. Years back there were two, but not as brutally open as Keanna.

In a radio interview with San Francisco, California-based DJ Mo (as reported in Tempo by Robert Requintina), Keanna “implicated” (read had sex with) Cogie Domingo, Luis Manzano, Jay Manalo, Andrew Wolfe, Jake Cuenca, John Prats, Joseph Bitangcol. And the list is by no means complete.

Of course, she also had sexual bouts with politicians, but she’d rather not open her big mouth. Afraid of death threats.

BLACK, WHITE BEAUTIES – Now the two kiss-and-tell actresses earlier referred to.

Actress No. 1 rated her lovers according to size, like extra large, medium, small, even naming them. She’s a black beauty.

Actress No. 2 dropped hints like “I was hurt,” “I was not hurt,” “nagbasa na lang ako ng diyaryo.” And then she’d laugh no end. She’s a white beauty.

Thankfully, they are no longer in showbiz, and as one movie scribe said, “Di na naghahasik ng lagim.”

Enough said.

BEAUTY AND BRAINS – On to a more pleasant topic, as contributed by Mel Caparas.

Camille Hirro, 28, Miss Global Philippines 2016, is beauty and brains. An AB Com Arts graduate, cum laude, of University of the Philippines (Diliman), Camille will represent the country in Miss Global 2016 to be held at the PICC on Sept. 3.

She hails from Lubao, Pampanga.

Says Camille: “I am a host and a writer. I also ghostwrite for a few politicians and columnist. I was consistent honor student from elementary to college. I received 14 awards when I finished high school. I had an average of 1.75 when I finished college. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke.”

Clean living, too.