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Next PNP chief challenges 20 drug lords to gun duel

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From bounty to pot money.

Incoming national police head Chief Supt. Ronald dela Rosa dared yesterday the drug lords to convert the R1 billion they have been raising as bounty for him and incoming President Rodrigo Duterte into a pot money in a gun duel which he proposes to finally settle the score.

Dela Rosa said the gun duel, between him and the drug lords, will be the fastest way to end the war which he declared against the drug lords once he assumes post next month.

“I challenge all of you to a gun duel, man to man. This will be 20 rounds of the gun duel. Let’s do it one after another,” said Dela Rosa in an interview at Camp Crame.

The 20 rounds of gun duel will be for the 20 drug lords whom Dela Rosa said have been raising P1 billion bounty for the death of him and Duterte.

“Let us use the P1 billion you have been raising as pot money. If I am lucky enough, I will shoot him one after another and I will claim the pot money,” said Dela Rosa.

The incoming PNP chief is apparently pissed off with the intelligence reports he has been receiving about how the drug lords are putting every money they have to kill them in order to protect their business.

Once he takes the P1 billion, Dela Rosa said he would identify the top drug-infested areas in the country for the construction of drug rehabilitation facility.

Dela Rosa said he is open any time and any where which are convenient to the drug lords.

Asked about Peter Co, Dela Rosa would not confirm or deny the report that the former was reportedly the one that initiated the raising of bounty for him and Duterte.

“I don’t confirm or deny it. It’s up to Peter Co to think if he is indeed the one,” said Dela Rosa.

Co’s name cropped up in some reports as the leader of the drug lords who want Duterte dead. He is linked to a top government official of the Aquino administration.

Out of fear, Co was reported to have requested for transfer of detention.

“You cannot run, you cannot hide. The long arm of the law will be after you,” said Dela Rosa when asked of Co’s alleged request for jail transfer to the Ihawig Penal Colony. (AARON RECUENCO)

  • jediknight

    I’m for Duterte but Bato should be advised to shut up. He acts unprofessional for an incoming PNP Chief. If he wants to kill all drug lords, then Shut up and JUST DO IT! No media is more effective. Look out how Alfredo Lim and other tough Policemen do, They just get rid of the scalawags and no media. People will support them if these really are scalawags (rapist, drug lords, thieves, etc.). SHUT UP AND JUST DO IT BATO!