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Fart leads to fight

This one’s no toilet humor.

Two couples had a heated argument which eventually led to physical tussle at the Sloppy Joe’s bar in Key West, Florida.

Their issue? Who among them farted.

A report by Miami Herald revealed 53-year-old Richard McBride and girlfriend Sandra Stoner where having drinks with
friends when Stoner traded words with an unidentified woman who reportedly confronted her in “an aggressive manner.”

An unidentified man stood up and tried to intervene between the arguing women by pulling one of them.

This led to the women’s companion to step in, that apparently instigated the unidentified man to punch McBride who retaliated by tackling the same man.

Officer Igor Kasyanenko in his report said the argument started “over a fart.”

When cooler heads finally intervened, the unidentified couple immediately left the place, leaving McBride and Stoner to report the incident to responding policemen.

McBride, who suffered a dislocated shoulder, was brought to the Lower Keys Medical Center where he eventually told police he won’t pursue any charges and signed a release form. (AP)