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Koko Pimentel

To elect Senator Koko Pimentel as Senate president, considering his qualifications, merits and ascendancy, is a logical development in our tradition and political system.

As head of this victorious PDP-Laban, Koko could be likened to Amang Rodriguez, Gil Puyat, and other political leaders who at the time of leadership of their political parties, served as presidents of the Philippine Senate.

As head of the upper chamber of the Philippine Congress, Koko would be facing urgent challenges such as the conversion of our political system from presidential to federalism, amendment of the Constitution, and many other concerns, including repair of our damaged institutions and issues against political dynasty.

However, Koko should be cautions in allowing political butterflies to fly over the flowering PDP-Laban. Instead of enriching the victorious party with unique mission and vision, they might be employing their vicious ploy as opportunists. We suggest, Koko should subject them to the rigid orientation of the concepts, principles, and creed of PDP-Laban.

In 1986 – 87, as OIC Mayor of Kalibo, the capital of Aklan, I spearheaded the organization of PDP-Laban in my province of Aklan with Mar in Diño, erstwhile PDP-Laban presidential candidate who was substituted by Davao Mayor Digong Duterte, as resource person sent to Aklan by PDP-Laban headquarters.

If these new converts could be subjected to embrace the unique, visionary and patriotic principles of PDP-Laban, only then we can all hope for a real change to emerge as conceived by its great leader, former Senate President Nene Pimentel.

* * *

Political and civic circles of Aklan has spoken their opposition to the plan of San Miguel Corporation to construct a 2-kilometer bridge connecting Boracay Island with the mainland of Western Visayas.

Boracay, the country’s main tourist destination and considered as one of the world’s most beautiful islands, will lost its mystic charm if it is open to all kinds vehicles, they say.

Already, with small boats operating between Caticlan and Boracay ferrying tourists, and local residents, the island is overcrowded. Making it just an adjunct of the mainland Panay island, Boracay might forever lost its God-given attraction.

* * *

The plan of the Federation of Provincial Press Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. (FPPCPI) to hold a conversation in Davao City tomorrow, June 18, is postpone.

Allan T. Sison, FPPCPI president, said that “it’s not advisable yet considering the situation in Davao now.

* * *

Starting today until tomorrow, June 17-18, the Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAPI) is holding its regional meeting in Iba, Zambales. (Johnny Dayang)