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No to scarlett A

Dear Manay Gina,
I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year. We get along well and agree that we are each other’s best friend. Months ago, I accepted a ride home from a male co-worker after an office party with some drinking. Much to my regret, I gave in to his advances and let him kiss me. I didn’t forgive myself for it but decided that living with my guilt was better than telling the incident to my boyfriend, after all, it truly was a kiss and nothing more.

But then, again, last week I was out with friends, and all of us had too much to drink. A friend’s roommate showed interest in me early on in the night. He was unrelenting until I gave in for a kiss. Now, I’m overwhelmed with guilt. I know it would break my bf’s heart to know of these two instances. I just need to know, if this is the kind of dishonesty that warrants a confession.


Dear Alice,
Forget about confessing. It may help you feel less guilty, but it won’t do a thing for him. While these lapses may be technically “unfaithful” to the relationship, a couple of kisses is not the ultimate misstep for good girls.

However, because you seem to act against your better judgment when you’re drunk, it might be useful for your future if you forget about branding yourself with a scarlet A – Alcohol.


Manay Gina

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“Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.” – Abraham Joshua Heschel

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