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No space for negative messages

REMEMBER the times when your basic phone prompted you to delete old SMS text messages so that the new ones could come in?

“No space for new messages.”

Nowadays, smart phones ask you to delete old pictures if you want to save new ones using the same memory.

Wow! What a way to illustrate the law of impenetrability – “No two things can occupy the same space at the same time.”

Can’t we saturate our minds with positive things so that the negative things will no longer have space? Yes, we can!

We must! If our minds are saturated with thoughts on courage and faith, there will not be any space for discouraging ideas.

However, the world is filled with various forces that can influence our state of mind in a wink of an eye. It is filled with filthy things and ideas. This makes it imperative that we train ourselves to guard our thoughts and our hearts.

One silly idea has the power to contaminate a positive mind and crush your spirit! Don’t allow that to happen.

Be on guard! When negative thoughts seem to lurk, tell yourself that there is no space for negative
messages. Hang on to the positive messages. Don’t delete them, or else, your system will get infected.

At your age, you have probably heard insulting, discriminatory, and discouraging remarks. Don’t allow those words to get the better of you. Remember only the encouraging words and experiences that will propel you to action.

A lot of people are careless with their language and insensitive to the feelings of other people. You can never control them, but you can always control your response. Always be on guard. Be alert in spotting negative ideas and quick in rejecting them.

“No space for negative messages.”

“Your opinion does not change who I am”! (MARILYN ARAYATA)