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Elmo, Janella talk about their first time

JANELLA Salvador and Elmo Magalona

JUST A THOUGHT: “People who consider themselves victims of their circumstances will always remain victims unless they develop a greater vision for their lives.” – Stedman Graham

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FIRST TIME FOR BOTH: It’s his first time to act in an ABS-CBN series after jumping ship from GMA.

It’s her first time to star in a romantic-themed teleserye after two inspirational hit shows.

The young leads of a new ABS-CBN series have become instant close friends after spending a period of time together filming in Japan.

However, Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona, scions both of musical families, confess there’s nothing more to their ever-growing closeness beyond friendship.

“We are determined to make our partnership strong and working,” Elmo, recent transferee from GMA-7, says.

The new couple’s maiden series, “Born for You,” is premised on destiny as a driving force in life.

The series premieres on Monday (June 20).

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DESTINY’S CHILDREN: The story of “Born for You” revolves around Sam (Janella) and Kevin (Elmo), two people destined for each other as proven by the concept of red string of fate, which says that an invisible string connects two destined people and are set to meet each other wherever they are in the world.

Their love for music will bring Sam and Kevin together, but it might also be the reason for their budding romance to be cut off.

Joining the stellar cast of “Born for You” are Ariel Rivera, Vina Morales, Ayen Laurel, Bernard Palanca, Gina Pareño, Freddie Webb, Ogie Diaz, Katya Santos, DJ Durano.

Janella welcomed the opportunity to play musical instruments in her role as a musician. Her character plays the ukulele in the series.

“It is something that people have not seen before,” said Janella.

“Born for You” was shot in Japan, highlighting some scenic spots such as the world-famous Mount Fuji and Shibuya Crossing.