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First Filipina President of the Licensing Executives Society International

Patricia Bunye, Senior Partner at Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia, is the new President of the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI), a worldwide association of professionals who are involved in advancing the business of intellectual property globally. She is only the third female and the first Filipino and Southeast Asian President of LESI.

LESI is composed of 33 national and regional societies, representing more than 10,000 individual members in over 90 countries, all involved in the licensing, transfer and management of intellectual property rights. Individual members include management representatives from large, medium and small companies, scientists, engineers, academics, governmental officials, lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys, and consultants.

Among the many benefits of membership in LESI are access to global network of IP and licensing professionals; exclusive access to an online membership directory and les Nouvelles, the leading journal in licensing; networking and business opportunities; international, national, regional and local conferences throughout the year; mentorship opportunities with experienced professionals; and interface between business, research institutions, and legal and financial professions on an international basis.

Throughout her more than 22 years of involvement in LESI, Trisha has served in various positions, including as President of LES Philippines (2006-2009), chair of the Asia Pacific Committee and International Vice President (2011-2013). While President of LES Philippines, she chaired the organizing committee of the LESI Annual Conference which was held in Manila in 2009. In preparing for the meeting, the organizing committee had to battle perceptions that it was unsafe to travel to Manila. Many years later, LESI members look back on the Manila 2009 meeting as one of the best and most memorable ever.

At the beginning of her term at LESI’s Annual Conference in Beijing, she announced that she would devote her term to 4Cs: consolidation, competition, continuity, connections.

The first C is CONSOLIDATION or building on LESI’s many strengths and the work that past international presidents have initiated.

The second C is COMPETITION, which includes differentiating LESI from all other intellectual property organizations and highlighting the value that LESI can deliver. This also involves continuing to focus on LESI value proposition and its four main deliverables: Meetings/Publications/Communications/ Education.

The third C is CONTINUITY which requires ensuring that LESI not only survives but thrives even under the most challenging circumstances. The 2016-17 Board will craft a true strategic plan that will guide LESI through the next 5 to 10 years. LESI’s national societies and international committees will be given the tools they need to adopt and implement these strategic plans.

Finally, the 4th C is CONNECTIONS: LESI is not only differentiated from other IP organizations by its value proposition, but by its diverse and highly capable membership. More than the educational content or other benefits that members derive from LESI, it is the personal interaction that makes the involvement in LESI worthwhile.

Trisha recounts that when she was new to LES, a senior member told her that the best gift that LES had given him was that in almost every place in the world, there is an LES member he can pick up the phone to call anytime for assistance, whether on professional or personal matters. A spirit of generosity, sprit of sharing and spirit of volunteerism pervade LES. Since it is a purely volunteer organization, everyone who actively participates in LESI activities gives the gift of time. The only thing expected of each member is to pay the favor forward any assistance that he or she has received.

(This writer is the very proud father of Trisha. Trisha is married to Lawyer Jose Ferdinand “Joy” M. Rojas II.)
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