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Pinoys eating too much junk food

Health experts are bothered by the junk food consumption of Filipinos.

“(Junk food binging) is quite prevalent not only in the Philippines but in the world due to changes in eating behavior and lifestyle brought about by urbanization and globalization,” said Philippine College of Physicians Foundation President Tony Leachon.

He said they are wary of the desire of Filipinos to eat huge amount of junk food, especially chips and sodas, as it could result to more Filipinos being vulnerable to diseases.

Medical conditions that can be caused by junk food consumption are obesity, diabetes, hypertension, gall bladder stones, fatty liver, and other cardiovascular conditions.

With the current situation, Leachon said they support the plan of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to impose additional tax on junk food.

“We support imposing sin taxes on sodas and junk food…. A healthy discussion is needed involving stakeholders,” he said, adding that the additional tax on junk food and softdrinks can easily be patterned as sin taxes have been imposed on tobacco and alcohol products. (Charina Charisse E. Echaluce)