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Menorca cries harrassment

Expelled Iglesia ni Cristo Minister Lowell Menorca II has claimed that INC members continue to harass him in Vancouver, Canada where he has applied for refugee status.

Menorca was expelled from the INC, the third largest faith in the Philippines after Catholicism and Islam, for allegations that he anonymously blogged accusations of church leaders of overspending and corruption.

Last month, photographs of Menorca recently shopping in a Metro Vancouver area mall were posted by a Facebook user.

The images were supposedly taken of him without his knowledge. Other Facebook users posted their comments warning Menorca to “watch your back.”

Menorca also claimed he has a video showing four burly Filipino men from Washington state who arrived unannounced in a recent prayer meeting organized by dissidents of the church.

The expelled INC minister already brought his allegations to the CBC, a Canadian news outlet. Menorca said when he landed on Canadian soil, he immediately approached immigration officials and sought refugee status in the hope he can bring his wife and child there. (Roy C. Mabasa)

  • JaceZiveo

    Self-serving na naman tong allegation nya against INC. Nung day na cross examination nya sa court of appeals inakusahan nya ang INC na naglagay DAW ng death threat sa safe house nila, picture ng anak nya na may X. Ayun, kaya daw sya tumakas. Resulta, hindi sya na-cross exam sa CA. Eto naman ngayon, palibhasa may refugee application sya sa Canada, harassment na naman, bintang na naman sa INC. SINUNGALING!!!