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Socialserye novel ‘Christian and Anne’ out

Together with Pinoy Big Brother heartthrob Tommy Esguerra, ABS-CBN Publishing Inc., (API) successfully launched “Christian and Anne” by Dolce Amore last June 18 in National Book Store, Trinoma. Read and shared by thousands on Facebook, the novel is the first offering from the collection of Kikodora’s socialseryes.

Celebrity heartthrob Tommy and author Dolce Amore bonded with the readers, took selfies, and signed autographs for them.

“Christian and Anne” is about the endearing story of a fat nerd named Christian who mustered up the courage to text his crush, Anne, the school’s most popular girl. What started off as a rebound relationship, Christian and Anne defied all odds and fell in love. Until one day, Anne’s handsome ex enters the scene and Christian is forced to retreat to Texas. Later on, fate intervened and Christian, this time hotter and more dashing than ever, crosses paths with Anne.

Published by ABS-CBN Publishing, “Christian and Anne” is the latest addition to ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.’s successful line of best-selling consumer books. The book came a few weeks after API released the pioneering socialserye novels “The Wrong Message” and “Vince and Kath” by Queen Elly.