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Sex dolls come to ‘life’ in China

Sex Doll

Dolls are the “in” thing in China these days. Yet, they are not just ordinary dolls. The silicone dolls which serve many, important purposes, one being companions of its owners.

The most recent money-maker in China, the silicone dolls have undoubtedly become big business with seemingly endless variations, reports the People’s Daily Online. The toys vary in designs, color and even the “touch of skin” feeling.

No wonder, Chinese men, particularly, have taken to the dolls as their constant companions in place of their life partners. However, the dolls are not merely sex toys, other men have adopted the dolls as their “life partners” and even their “children” with matching names to address them.

Fifty-eight-year-old Li Chen is about to marry a 24-year-old woman after being divorced 12 years ago. Li claims that his doll helped him find a new relationship as he now feels young and his body is stronger.

Song Bo, meanwhile, was not blessed with any children. Hence, the doll serves as his “daughter,” who gives him joy and happiness.

Some men even have names for them, bringing them wherever they go to, like the movie houses, walk in the parks or eating with them in restaurants. To most men, the dolls make up for the absence of a loved one.

Some men treat the dolls as their own children, buying them new toys, dresses or even jewelry. Owners treat the dolls with respect like they are really human beings.

According to the Japan Times, the Chinese sex toy market is estimated at up to 100 billion yuan per year by the business to business sex toy platform ChinaSexQ.com.

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