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Showbiz lingo updated

Vivian Yano

UPDATE – Highspeed readers request an update on showbiz lingo, a regular fare in this column.

Very well then, here they are as they come to mind.

Laosian Deep – is “laos na laos.”

A “sister” of Laosian Deep is Thunder Over the Hill – Thunder being “tanda” and Over the Hill (has been).

An award-winning director hasn’t forgiven a young colleague for calling him “Thunder na, Over the Hill pa.”

Translation: Matandang laos. And it happened more than three years ago, said more in jest than in all seriousness.

Truth is the director maybe “tanda,” but still very much “in.”

“Cousins” are Brenda (brain damage) and Tillie (“tililing”).

A relative of Brenda and Tillie is Lady Gaga-Rin (meaning obvious).

MORE, MORE – Okay, showbiz lingo “pa more.”

“Twins” are Cherry Pie Lupaypay and Haggardo Versoza, burnt out. Many directors, actors, and other movie-TV workers are burnt out after working for 48 hours straight.

Siony is “ilusyunada,” thinking they are still popular when in reality they are already Laosian Deep.

Movie stars, the big ones especially, are never lacking in Aleli Abadilla (alalay) or “best friend” Bonita Lee.

(Think of Nora Aunor’s role in “Bona”). Dogging the trail of a bit player portrayed by Phillip Salvador.

Lesbian is T-Boli or “neighbor” Tiburcia Villa.

If there’s Rica Peralejo (rich, moneyed), there’s “distant relative” Purita Marisol (poor, miserable).
Enough said for the moment. Till next time.

MOTHERS WITH CROWNS – Yes, mothers still wear beauty crowns, as reported by Mel Caparas. Two of them won titles in the Mrs. Asia International 2016 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Vivian Crabajales Yano, 45, of Tandag, Surigao del Sur, won three titles: Cosmopolitan, Ambassador, and Popularity Queen. Vivian, a businesswoman, is based in Osaka, Japan.

Rizalina “Riza” del Rosario Asa, 54, of Hagonoy, Bulacan, won the following titles: Tourism, Goodwill, Ambassador, and Most Beautiful Body. Riza is based in Portland, Oregon, USA. She’s a businesswoman.