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Paolo Ballesteros

‘DIBA-DIBAHAN’ – Paolo Ballesteros might just return to “Eat Bulaga” by September, after serving months-long suspension for his “diba-dibahan” antics. By now, Paolo must have realized only great sopranos have the right, in a manner of speaking, to be a DIVA.

No matter, he’s making good use of his time. He had a noselift and starred in a comedy about a gay who wants to die happy and beautiful, surrounded by great looking guys. Regal’s producing the Paolo starrer.

Of course, he continues experimenting make-up techniques on himself and friends.

BEAUTY SALON – Seriously now, Paolo can always put up a beauty salon should he tire of showbiz. He’s a make-up genius, making himself look like Angelina Jolie, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and other celebrities.

Paolo can give Ricky Reyes and Fanny Serrano stiff competition.

Well, artistry is in the blood. He’s the grandson of Fernando Amorsolo, National Artist for painting. The fine actress Eula Valdez is a cousin.

JOKE ONLY – Paolo is said to have threatened to have a sex realignment or surgery should his suspension get any longer. “Pati dun sa baba magpapaopera ako, hindi lang sa ilong.” Joke only.

Paolo is such a beauty that some women are willing to have a child with him. But then no deal.

But just a minute, isn’t Paolo Ballesteros a father in real life?

Fact or fiction?