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KFC meal box offers built-in phone charger

Most of us need our mobile phones everyday. Some can’t leave the house without it. For others, it is a must to bring a mobile phone everywhere they go. Therefore, the phones need to be charged all the time.

Fast-food chain KFC in New Delhi, India recently launched a special offer for its customers who are also mobile phone users.

The limited-edition box called the “Watt a box” has a compartment for food and built-in power bank that customers can use to charge their mobile phones, while they wait for their order. KFC said it wanted to “introduce an element of utility” to its 5-in-a-Meal Box, which includes five menu items for 149 rupees (US$2.20 or P102).

Local fastfood restaurants might want to adopt the offer for to attract more customers and subsequently increase food sale. Mobile phones have undoubtedly become an important part of everyone’s daily need. A dead battery for one’s mobile phone can be a nightmare for many users. So this offer in fastfood or restaurant will certainly work well for many customers.